new: Diamond in the Rough
by jon snyder


When less than 2% of Christians are waiting until marriage, it begs the question, "How did we so drastically lose the value of virginity?" Jon and Lisa Snyder, despite all odds were among the 2% who waited for each other and now not only enjoy a powerfully blessed marriage, but God has given insights that teach how conventional Christian teaching has actually, despite its best efforts driven teens TOWARD promiscuity rather than away from it!

This resource is packed with teaching and life lessons for any person wanting to embrace Godly purity as well as practical teaching and understancing for any parent who wants to properly train their child to follow the Bible's teachings on abstinence. In our sexually charged culture, this is a truly invaluable resource.

Diamond in the Rough is currently in final stages of pre-release. If you would like a copy when it becomes available, please email us using the link below and we'll be sure to let you know when it hits bookstore shelves.

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