Outpouring 2014 - March 7,8


Discover the Fullness of the Latter Day Outpouring of the Spirit!


Event location: Telford, PA - Registrations are closed


Jon Snyder appearing on CBN's 700 Club

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Hear about Jon's struggle and God's amazing saving grace! Show airs 10/2 on ABC Family 10AM/11PM. You can also see the story at

End of the Beginning: A new epic fiction novel by Jon Snyder

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Earth's ancient heroes and man's oldest, most dreaded enemy collide in the greatest epic saga KNOWN to man
as you have never before heard it told.

Read more and Get it on

MMM Joins the National Coalition of Ministries to Men

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Expanding our reach and networking with other ministries to bring the Kingdom of God and our message of grace, love, restoration and freedom to men.


MMM becomes affiliate partner with Covenant Eyes

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When starting your journey to freedom, accountability and filtering software can be critical to getting over "the hump" while God does His work in your heart. Try Covenant Eyes for fFREE for 30 days using promo code MMMPROMO

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