Conference Testimonials

CEM service

"Jon Snyder led a Men's Retreat that was both inspiring and challenging. His heart is to see men walking in purity, but his message is different from most men's seminars... Jon Snyder casts a vision for men who know their identity in Christ and who walk in the fullness of what God has already given. Jon's language and humor is relatable and his message is cutting-edge and anointed. You will be blessed to have Jon as your speaker!"
- Pastor Joel Kolb, Hopewell Christian Fellowship, Telford, PA

Mighty Man Manual/Purity:

Pastors and Ministry leaders

I can honestly say that your book is by far the best I have ever read on the subject.  I have read books by a lot of men with a lot of degrees following their name, but none come close to the practical and spiritual advice that you offer."
- Pastor Timothy F, MD.

"We are so blessed that God has led us to you. We are already seeing strongholds being broken in our group. This is exciting !!! God is using His ministry through you, and now His ministry through me, to set men free !!!  And how can it not work ? It is based upon God's TRUTH !!! Did I mention I was excited ? There is a true revival going on here !!!"
- Fred R., Ministry Leader, ON CA

"We looked at a hundred books for our men's ministry, and the Mighty Man Manual was by far the best." 
- Pastor Robert S., MO

“The Mighty Man Manual is an excellent guide for your journey to freedom... eminently readable, practical and at the same time gets to the heart of the matter.” 
- Rev. Peter J. Young, Pastor, TV Persona

"The reason we chose the MightyManManual was because it actually had a solution from someone who had been through what I've been through. All the scriptures given were written because they were a God inspired solution to the problem. And I stress, SOLUTION!
Olen, Men's Ministry Leader, MO


Reader Testimonials

"Like many people who struggle with an addiction for a long time, I was very skeptical by the time I got to 'The Mighty Man Mannual' website. I was tired of struggling with it, tired of the shame it caused me, tired of lying to cover it up, and more than anything, tired of fighting against the huge wall it built between me and God. I praise the Lord for almost 6 months of freedom and the assurance that I will be free for the rest of my life.
- E.Smith

"The Mighty Man Manual is a much needed, appreciated and refreshing approach to finding freedom from lust and pornography. It does a great job of helping you uncover what underlying issues reside in your heart that may be leading to struggles with lust and addiction to pornography. As you read and interact with God about the material in the book He will reveal things to you, cleanse your spirit and help you understand who you are in Christ and how much your Heavenly Father loves you. A struggle with lust or pornography is so much bigger than it initially seems and the lessons in this book are deeper and broader still. If you invest yourself in this study you will learn things that will help you in many areas, including struggles with lust."
- Steve H, PA

"I recently finished reading your book Mighty Man Manual. I must say that this book is indeed an answer to a very specific prayer. I have tried everything from an internet filter, to scriptures posted everywhere without much success... When I started the book I was merely desperate to save my relationship with my fiancé. Now, I am desperate to cultivate and protect the love that God has given me. Through this book, I believe that God has saved my marriage before it even began. I just cannot explain how quickly she and I have grown into true intimacy(not sex) because of the revelation of my struggle and also the truth about who we both really are in God eyes.
- Tim K.

“Divinely inspired... I want to apply everything to my life. Easy to read. Scriptures are right there. It is right on.” 
- Chris S, PA